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Topcat says...

The Amazing Topcat
3 July 1976

But I often do crave a
greater bredth and depth of mind..:)

1969, 1970s, 1980s, aboriginies, abstract thinkers, agnosticism, alain de botton, alturism, anatomy, angelology, animal rights, anthropology, archangels, arthur schopenhauer, arthurian history, arthurian legend, australian comics, belief systems, benedict spinoza, bohemians, buddhism, byronic heroes, camp, chivalry, comic book art, comic book inking, compassionate people, concept design, conceptual design, consensual sex, cosmetic procedures, demonology, depression, dr. phil, educated opinions, empathic abilities, end of the world, epistemology, epsilon eridani, existentialism, exobiology, extraterrestrial life, fantasizing, feeling safe, fetus rights, fine ladies, finesse, foxy girls, free thinking, fruits fashion, galaxies, geniuses, hanna barbera, healthy debate, healthy skepticism, hippies, historical jesus, history, humanism, hygiene, imaginary people, independant thinkers, independant thinking, intellectuals, interstellar travel, james bond, jean-paul sartre, jedi's, john ruskin, kathmandu, knighthood, knights, lateral thinking, leonardo da vinci, linear thinking, lucidity, metaphyisics, mischa barton, mont blanc, moral philosophy, mr. darcy, my own company, my pheromones, mystics, naive art, naughty sex, new york city, objective observation, open minded people, paganism, paleontology, pantheism, paris hilton, paul mcgann's doctor who, penciling, people with beautiful souls, peter pan, pheromones, philosophers, philosophy, positive role models, psychology, rationalism, real vampires, respectability, rights, rudolf nureyev, russia, russian history, russian orthodox church, russians, saving the world, sea monkeys, seti, sexy girls, sexy people, small press, small press comics, socrates, space ships, space travel, star wars episode 4, star wars episode 5, star wars episode 6, star wars mullets, super powers, superheroes, switzerland, sydney's chinatown, teenage girls, the great muppet caper, the greys, the jesus christ principal, the muppet movie, the muppet show, tolerance, unbiased views, united nations, utopias, vegan candy, vegan clothing, vegan recipes, veganism, vienna, virtues, william hartnell's doctor who, william shakespeare's plays, wise people, woomera, world religions